RehairSM_Newsea J166_LOTUS_IN_SHOW

RehairSM_Newsea J166_LOTUS_IN_SHOW

Credit ; Newsea hair / MYB Sims / e-studio / heinz / tifa / Liana / FEMME FATALE  /etc.

Cloth Sm Women Sexy girl SM000140-141
Credit ; Sky hair / MYB Sims / e-studio / heinz / tifa /Newsea / Amily / peggy / Rose/etc.

Thank you Mesh : MESH_Splean_SentateFashionBoots
MESH_ulkrhsn_007 MESH_inbeatz015

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candesco said...

The link to the clothing doesn't work. I tried to get sm000140-141, but i get a message that the link is not valid. Also looked in the 4shared folder, but i can't find it there. Could you reupload it?